So today me and my sister were talking about how controlling our mom is and how we would actually be late on assignments we could have finished just trying to hide from her that we’d left it til the last minute. Her ridiculous freak-outs do not encourage us to do better, it causes us to flip out and hide our mistakes. We’re more afraid of her reaction than losing marks.

So during this conversation, my sister dives onto the floor and starts pulling out tests with bad marks and things that didn’t fit properly into her binder our mom told her to sort out from under the chair. She also said she’s torn things up, wet then then wrapped them in a paper towel before throwing them out. She’s never been caught.

Our mom always says if we come out and tell her when we mess up the punishment will be lighter than if we try to lie. However, let’s be real. Who fesses up when they know it wont help? I find it ironic that in their mission to teach us to never lie and such, our parents have taught us to lie better.

25 August 2013 at 4:17am with 6 notes